Here at Ang & Tan LLC, we believe service quality is only a basic requirement that every client should expect from their lawyer.

About Us

ANG & TAN LAW CORPORATION was founded by Ang Woon Kherk and Bernard Tan, two lawyers with combined experience of almost half a century in the legal, corporate and business worlds.

We are a small and dynamic team that provides services in several areas of legal work such as civil and commercial dispute resolution, corporate matters, building and construction claims, intellectual property law, employment law, family law and estate planning and criminal representation.

Whether it is acting in high stakes commercial litigation, representing a party at a divorce mediation or rendering advice on corporate matters, our one guiding principle is to place ourselves in the shoes of our clients, having consideration of all relevant factors and perspectives.

Every law firm provides quality legal services. But quality is subjective. Here at Ang & Tan LLC, we believe service quality is only a basic requirement that every client should expect from their lawyer.

What is important is to be able to render good, all-rounded expert advice having consideration all relevant factors, not just legal factors, in the best interest of the client. This is especially important in the early stages of every matter. And this is what we strive to achieve with every client and for every matter entrusted to us.

Area of Practice

At Ang & Tan Law Corporation, our key areas of practice include:

Civil & Commercial Litigation

We represent clients in a wide range civil suits in the State Courts and the High Court.

Family Law

Our experience in handling family law matters will be of benefit to clients when we advise and represent them in even the most contentious cases.

Intellectual Property

We have advised and acted for clients in intellectual property law matters such as Trade marks, Passing off, Patentability, Copyrights and etc.

Corporate & Commercial Matters

We provide quality legal advice speckled with a tinge of business acumen and a deep understanding of the corporate and commercial environment for everyone from start-ups, SMEs to to MNCs.

Building & Construction Claims

We have advised and represented clients in various types of claims arising from or connected to building and construction activities. Very often such claims related to unpaid work done, unpaid goods supplied and delivered, and defects liability.

Estate Planning & Wealth Management

With a stroke of a pen and a set of instructions to a Will, a person can impact his family for generations to come. Such is the power of Estate Planning. Estate Planning is also Wealth Management. Here at Ang & Tan LLC, we are poised to take you through this journey of planning for you and your family.

Employment Law

We have also represented either employer or employee in court actions related to post contractual claims such as breach of employees’ or directors’ duties, fraud, misappropriation, breach of confidential information etc.

Criminal Representation

We do understand the difficulties and stress of being prosecuted, and we strive to hold the clients’ hand along the entire process, while being candid and realistic about the client’s position. We believe that the last thing a client in such circumstances needs is false hopes and false promises.