Ang Woon Kherk

Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore (1997)
Barrister-at-Law, Lincoln’s Inn (1996)
LL.B. (Hons) (Buckingham) (1995)

Woon Kherk was called to the English Bar in 1996 and admitted as an Advocate & Solicitor of Singapore in 1997.

He commenced his career as legal counsel in a Singapore public-listed company, managing many areas of work such as corporate compliance, compliance with Singapore Exchange regulations, contract formation and administration, conveyancing and other real property matters and litigation. He also advised the Board of Directors and the company’s subsidiaries on all types of legal issues.

During this time, he had oversight of the company’s legal matters handled by external solicitors, serving as a conduit between the board of directors and the company’s legal advisors. This gave him the unique opportunity to see matters contemporaneously from the perspective of the external solicitors as well as that of the client.

Woon Kherk was invited to join a boutique firm in January 2004. He started and headed the civil and commercial litigation department for the 17 years that he was there. He acted in contractual claims, landlord and tenant disputes, employment disputes, intellectual property claims and other types of court suits and applications.

He also undertook divorce suits and other kinds of family law matters, reviewing, drafting and advising on corporate and commercial agreements, as well as criminal representation.

In all of his years in the legal profession, Woon Kherk has had the opportunity to act for a whole spectrum of clients, from the corporate client with international business interest to the private individual. His experience has taught him to consider all factors and angles before advising clients on the best way forward, every step of the way.

Here at Ang & Tan Law Corporation, Woon Kherk will be applying his insights and experience on every case and every client.

Some of the recent notable cases he has acted in are :

Civil & Commercial Litigation / Arbitration

2009-2010 - Successfully defended a local building contractor against a claim by a landlord for arrears in rental for workers’ dormitory facilities.

2015-2016 - Defended a local building contractor against an MNC’s High Court action which included a claim for late payment penalty. The Plaintiff eventually relented on the claim and the suit was settled before trial.

2015-2019 - Acted for two ex-employees against their former employer, a world leader in data analytics and technology, in the defence against claims in the High Court for breach of intellectual property rights, breach of confidentiality and conspiracy. The suit was settled on the ex-employees’ terms, which was a small fraction of the Plaintiff’s original claim.

2017-2020 - Defended a ex-director against the High Court claim of his former company for breach of director’s duties, breach of confidentiality, breach of trust, use of company’s name, conspiracy and inducing other employees to leave company. Successfully defended the client against all 6 of the company’s heads of claim and the company was ordered to pay costs.

2019 - Acted as second counsel for a ship seller’s arbitration team in his claim against the buyer in the Singapore Chambers For Maritime Arbitration. The action was successful and the client was awarded the full price of the vessel, damages for work done and costs of arbitration.

Family Law

2010 - Applied for a Writ of Possession for a HDB flat for a client whose recalcitrant ex-husband refused to comply with the Family Court’s order to sell the matrimonial flat for more than 10 years. Managed to get the husband and his numerous tenants evicted by the court bailiff and arranged for the flat to be sold by a property agent before the eviction.

2013 - Defended the mother of a child against the father’s application for a personal protection order for the child. Proved in open court that the child’s injuries reflected in a medical report were sustained during sports and caused by caning. Successfully argued that the protection order was not necessary if the mother had used corporal punishment on the child. The father’s application was dismissed with costs.

2014-2015 - Defended a wife against divorce application on the grounds of unreasonable behaviour. Proved in open court trial that the wife did not behave unreasonably. Successfully convinced the court that divorce should not be granted if the breakdown of the marriage was not caused by the Defendant’s conduct. The divorce suit was dismissed and the husband was asked to pay costs.